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Thomas K. Murray, Esq

San Diego Attorney Thomas K. Murray is available to assist with your Estate Planning and Estate Administration needs. 

Mr. Murray enjoys meeting with San Diegans to discuss the benefits of having a Trust drafted and executed. Primarily, a proper Estate serves two main purposes: 1) Avoiding Probate; and 2) Ensuring that your assets are transferred to exactly who you want when you pass away.  


Services Offered

I assist clients by drafting their Estate Plans (Trust, Wills, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive). I also review existing Estate Plans.

I also handle Probate, Conservatorship and Trust Administration. 


Why "Probate Monster"?

The majority of people that deal with a "Probate" do not find it to be an enjoyable experience.

Probate is  a Court-supervised, that is part of the problem. You must ask permission and jump through hoops in order to accomplish what you should be able to just do on your own. Aside from not having control, people do not like Probate because it is expensive. In general, Probate is burdensome, time consuming, unpleasant, expensive and difficult to control. Sounds like a monster to me.

Like many monsters, though, it is less scary when you better understand it. Thomas Murray can help you understand Probate to make it less of a monster. With a little planning ahead, Thomas Murray can help you to defeat the Probate Monster before it even gets started.

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This is the Murray Law Blog. I will describe some of the issues that I come across in my practice. I hope that I can make this more interesting than Bob Loblaw's Law Blog (** see Arrested Development)